Way back in 2013, Chicago singer/songwriter BONZIE (real name Nina Ferraro) caught our ears with a pretty promising set at CMJ. That was the same year she released her debut album Rift into the Secret of Things, which she’ll finally follow with a sophomore LP in early 2017. The album’s called Zone on Nine, and it was produced with Jonathan Wilson and Ali Chant (who’s worked with Youth Lagoon and Perfume Genius). Exact release date TBA, but we’re now premiering a new single ahead of its release, “How Do You Find Yourself, Love?”. This one was recorded by Steve Albini, and as far as Albini recordings go, it’s more like Joanna Newsom than the Pixes and Nirvana, but still with those huge Albini drums. It comes backed with the instrumental “Back to an Insurmountable Wall,” and you can listen to both below. You can also pick it up on vinyl.