Boston's (T-T)b make quirky, plainspoken emo of the Modern Baseball/Weakerthans variety, but they give it a chiptune twist and also kinda recall the electro-nerd-punk of Atom and His Package. If that sounds up your alley, you should check out their new Suporma EP, which comes out this Friday (4/16) via Acrobat Unstable. It'll be available on cassette, with their 2016 EP Slimy Quagmire (originally released on Topshelf) on side B. Pre-order it here.

We're premiering a full stream of the EP, along with the video for opening track "I Don't Want to Die." "We didn’t mean 'I don’t wanna die' in a literal way when we wrote it, but it was a great excuse to do a slasher concept," the band says of the video. "Eric [Teti] has done a ton of great music videos and we knew he would bring some great ideas to the table. He brought on Nick [Merola], who is a big horror guy, so they were the perfect tag team. I’m a big horror fan too, so it was a blast to finally get slashed on camera. I will say that fake blood sucks in cold weather."

Speaking about the EP overall, the band adds, "These songs were recorded a couple of years ago but we sat on them for a while. We were writing about quiet little moments in our lives, and I guess it didn’t seem like there was a place for them at the time. When we revisited the songs last year during lockdown, they made sense in a new way."

Check out the new EP and video below...