Brand New surprise-released their first album in eight years, Science Fiction, on Thursday (8/17), and now it's finally on streaming services. It's on Spotify, Apple Music, and Brand New's Bandcamp, and you can listen to the Bandcamp stream below.

We reviewed the album, and here's an excerpt:

It's the perfect kind of album to be released into the world all at once with no pre-release singles, as it's an album that's best listened to start to finish. But if you're looking for a could-be single, your best bet is probably "Can't Get It Out." It's got verses with strummy acoustic guitar, a driving backbone, and just a hint of Pinkerton in the delivery, and it's got the most classic-Brand New chorus on the album. After the third chorus, it kicks it up a gear into that level of catharsis that Brand New do so well, and Jesse Lacey hits you with one of his trademark gut-punchers: "I'm just a manic depressive, toting around my own crown / I've got a positive message, sometimes I can't get it out."

The moments like those are the moments that Brand New fans have come to love, and the most immediately satisfying thing about Science Fiction is that we finally have twelve more songs full of those moments. And while Science Fiction sounds like no other band in the world, it's actually a very different album for Brand New. There are parts that echo Devil and God and Daisy, and just a few that echo Deja Entendu (nothing here really echoes Your Favorite Weapon), but it's clearly a distinct chapter in the band's career, as all four of their previous albums were.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

Brand New are also touring, including a sold-out Brooklyn show at Kings Theatre on October 19.