Last month, Brant Bjork put out the video for "Stackt" off his upcoming album Tao of the Devil, which had Brant starring as a truck driver who picks up a girl on the side of a desert road. It had a twist ending and a "to be continued..." and while we still don't know what happens next in the video, we do know how the rest of that album sounds. It officially drops on Friday via Napalm Records (pre-order), but a full stream premieres in this post.

Having done time in both Kyuss and Fu Manchu, Brant is inarguably a master of stoner rock and that comes across loud and clear on Tao of the Devil. It's full of '70s-style riffs (there's a song called "Humble Pie," which maybe is a reference to '70s-riffers Humble Pie), and anyone with a taste for that kinda stuff should find a lot to like here. Every song is loaded with fuzz-drenched psychedelia, familiar melodies, and a lot of attitude. Check the whole thing out right here:

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