Take This to Heart Records have put together a compilation of covers of Bright Eyes' classic fourth album, Lifted or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground, in honor of its 20th anniversary this month. A Monument to Commemorate Our Time is out on Bandcamp now, and will be available everywhere on August 12. It features renditions of all thirteen tracks from Lifted, with contributions by Future Teens and friends (Dan Campbell, Rat Tally, Dryjacket, ManDancing, John-Allison Weiss, and Worlds Greatest Dad), Snarls, PONY, Kali Masi, Barely Civil, Marigold, Sarah And The Safe Word, Girl K, and more. All the proceeds go to the National MS Society. Stream the compilation and see the tracklist below, and purchase it on Bandcamp.


Track Listing:
1. Never Better Baby (Amy from Future Teens) - “The Big Picture”
2. Kali Masi - “Method Acting”
3. Girl K - “False Advertising”
4. Riverby - “You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will.”
5. Palette Knife - “Lover I Don’t Have to Love”
6. Lake Saint Daniel - “Bowl of Oranges”
7. DanMancing - “Don’t Know When But a Day is Gonna Come”
8. Sarah And The Safe Word - “Nothing Gets Crossed Out”
9. Marigold - “Make War”
10. Snarls - “Waste of Paint”
11. PONY - “From a Balance Beam"
12. Barely Civil - “Laura Laurent”
13. Future Teens (Feat. Dan Campbell, Rat Tally, Dryjacket, ManDancing, John-Allison Weiss, Worlds Greatest Dad) - “Let’s Not Shit Ourselves (to Love and to Be Loved)

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