Back in early 2020, Pianos Become The Teeth frontman Kyle Durfey released the first song by his new band Burial Waves (with members of We Were Black Clouds, Deleted Scenes, Caverns, and more), and shortly after making their live debut, the pandemic hit. They ended up spending 2020 writing more music, and now they've signed to Dark Operative, who will be releasing a series of singles and videos from Burial Waves this year. The rollout begins with "Light Heads," which premieres in this post.

"’Light Heads’ was one of the first songs that fully came together as a band," says guitarist Ross Hurt (also of We Were Black Clouds). "For a long time, we just had an abundance of parts and no cohesion. 'Light Heads' was the first result of a natural and organic writing approach. No jamming, no recycling old parts; we just started with, 'how does this song move?,' ‘what kind of textures do we want to highlight?,' and so on. The result was shockingly, exactly in line with our original concept. There's a lot going on, not a ton of repetition, but it seems to flow without falling into chaos. Thematically, Kyle was always trying to write the tone or feeling of a song, and it becomes obvious if he's trying to work something in that doesn't want to be there. Collectively, we all sort of watch in fascination as folks wrestle with their indoctrinations; so, it seems rather fitting that these lyrics sit in a composition that is jarring, occasionally disjointed, and eventually reaching a cathartic release."

Jarring, occasionally disjointed, and cathartic are all good words to describe this song, which kind of sounds like a cross between Caspian's post-rock beauty and The Jesus Lizard's thunderous post-hardcore, and Kyle's soaring voice suits it perfectly. It doesn't really sound like Pianos Become The Teeth, and it's some of the heaviest music Kyle's released since the pre-Keep You days, but Kyle's unmistakable voice makes this a song that should click with PBTT fans instantly. The track hits streaming services on 4/13 (pre-save) but you can hear it now below.

Meanwhile, Pianos Become the Teeth have been posting teasers from the studio all year, and Burial Waves isn't the only PBTT-related band with a new song out today. Guitarist Mike York's electronic solo project SUAHN released one too.


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