Toronto indie rockers Casper Skulls are back with new single "O My Enemy," their first new music since their 2017 debut album Mercy Works LP (on Buzz Records). Mercy Works combines various subgenres like post-punk, dream pop, shoegaze, and psychedelic folk, and this new song is very much in the vein of the latter, but in an even softer way than it ever existed on Mercy Works. We're told that for Casper Skulls' new material, co-singer/songwriter Melanie Gail St Pierre is taking over almost all singing and songwriting (with Neil Bednis taking a backseat), and the new material in general moves away from post-punk and towards this more stripped down sound. If that is indeed the case, "O My Enemy" is a very promising first taste. Over a bare-bones, sparsely picked guitar and layers of atmosphere, Melanie gives a vocal performance that's delicate and truly stunning. If you're into something like Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions, you'll probably dig this too. Here's what Melanie tells us about it:

“O My Enemy” is about the conflict we can have with our inner child. As we grow up, our inner child dies a little bit as we start to navigate through life. The feeling of just enjoying a moment or doing something spontaneous happens more rarely. This song is dedicated to that small bit of us who we need to let out from time to time.

The song is a kind of transition song between our first album Mercy Works and what’s to come. I find a lot of the things I’m writing about right now happened to me when I was a child. Now that I’m this older person and I have all these anxieties, I feel like they are all a product of the loss of childhood. The focus of my songwriting is more internal instead of external. Before we were looking at things on the outside, observing society, observing situations. Now we’re looking on the inside.

Listen and watch the hand-animated video (made by Melanie) below.

Casper Skulls are also touring this month and next, including a Mondo.NYC showcase at Niagara tonight (10/2) with Brass Phantoms, The Chordaes, Nikmoody, and Jay Karnell & The Bad Kidz. They also return to NYC for a show at Trans-Pecos on November 14 (more bands and ticket info TBA). All dates are listed below.

Casper Skulls -- 2018 Tour Dates
10/02 New York City, NY - MondoNYC
10/18 Cleveland, OH - Mahall's Locker Room
10/19 Chicago, IL - Subterranean
10/20 Davenport, IA - Blackhawk Room
10/21 Minneapolis, MN - Fallout Urban Art Centre
10/22 Fargo, ND - The Aquarium
10/23 Winnipeg, MB - The Handsome Daughter
10/25 Saskatoon, SK - Black Cat
10/26 Edmonton, AB - The Sewing Machine Factory
10/27 Calgary, AB - Palomino
10/29 Vancouver, BC - Astoria
11/01 Seattle, WA - Victory Lounge
11/03 Berkeley, CA - 938 Gilman
11/05 Phoenix, AZ - Pebble Beach House
11/07 Denver, CO - 7th Circle
11/09 Lawrence, KS - Replay Lounge
11/10 St Louis, MO - FOAM
11/11 Cincinnati, OH - TBD
11/12 Washington, DC - Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge
11/13 Philadelphia, PA - Cafè Blampe
11/14 New York City, NY - Trans-Pecos

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