Philly-via-Scranton indie rockers Cave People (the project of Dave Tomaine) debuted in 2014 with the Older EP, followed it in 2016 with their first full-length, Sinning Tree, and now they're releasing another new EP, Kingfisher, on April 6 via Sterephonodon (pre-order). Dave Tomaine made it with help from Russell Edling (Cherry) and Derrick Macias Brandon (The Spirit Of The Beehive), and it was recorded by Matt Schimelfenig (Three Man Cannon). He's got the kind of drawn-out, Modest Mouse-y drawl that a handful of DIY/indie rock bands channel these days (Young Jesus, LVL UP, etc), and if you dig that kinda stuff, you might dig this too. We're premiering a full stream of the EP below.

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