Long Beach's self-proclaimed "quarter-life crisis pop rock" band Chase Petra have been on the rise, thanks in part to their popular TikTok videos, and they recently signed to Wax Bodega (Hot Mulligan, Holy Fawn, etc), who gave their 2019 debut album Liminal its first-ever vinyl release. They're releasing a new single called "Reliable Narrator" on Valentine's Day (2/14), and that song gets an early premiere in this post.

"The song about learning how to trust yourself at all costs," says singer/songwriter Hunter Allen. "It's about protecting your body and your mind and standing firm in the truth of your perceptions. It's a reminder to everyone that has ever been gaslit into oblivion - both by others and by themselves - that they are not overreacting, they are not misunderstanding, and that they are in fact a reliable narrator." The band cites classic Fueled by Ramen stuff like Paramore and Panic! at the Disco as influences, and you can hear that coming through on "Reliable Narrator" along with a fresh outlook that makes them sit nicely next to newer emo-pop bands like Pool Kids and Origami Angel too. Check it out below.

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