Chicago punks LURK have finished a full-album followup to their 2019 EP Electro-Shock, and like that EP it'll be out via Pure Noise Records, but while you wait for that, LURK are first releasing some standalone tracks. They recently put out the new song "Pressure Points" backed by an acoustic version of "Trample" from their 2018 EP Hi-Fi, and we're now premiering another new song, "2043."

Vocalist/guitarist Kevin Kiley tells us that the new song was recorded during the same sessions as the upcoming album, but that LURK "decided to keep it aside to release with this collection of songs instead."

"Lyrically it’s about the damage caused by our desire for comfort and normalcy," he continues. "In the wake of it we deplete our natural resources, murder animals, lower the standards of education and now apparently accept living with a deadly virus. It goes without saying but we need to do better and need rapid change."

LURK tend to be a pretty genre-defying punk band, and "2043" is a fine example of this. It starts off giving the same IDLES-meets-Pere Ubu vibes as "Pressure Points" before evolving into a chorus that kinda sounds like shoegazy Stooges, and the song's coda fuses psychedelic sound effects, harsh shrieks, and '70s guitar heroism. It's all over the place, but it works. Hear it for yourself below.

LURK also tell us they also recorded some covers at home while quarantined, so stay tuned for those and more details on the upcoming LP, which Kevin says "will be coming when the timing is better."

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