As mentioned, UK electronic wiz Clark is releasing his score for Adam Egypt Mortimer's psychological thriller Daniel Isn't Real on Friday (10/9) via Deutsche Grammophon, and it features three bonus tracks, including the recently released Thom Yorke remix of "Isolation Theme" and the track "Creel Etude" which premieres in this post.

Clark wanted to write a score that was, in his words, "dark, melancholic, but with elements of feral excitement and gleeful total mayhem" to match main character Luke's (Miles Robbins) mental state, and that very much comes across on the eerie, ambient "Creel Etude." Speaking to us about this track in particular, Clark said, "I honestly have no conscious memory of writing this, it’s an orphan of a track, a pleasure memory in my body. I’ve a suspicion I have hour’s worth of this stuff lurking around the house. Simple notes, It’s all in the recording, sounds like daffodils to me. Hang on, isn’t the film meant to be a horror?"


And in case you missed it, here's the Thom Yorke remix:

01 ‘Luke Entering’
02 ‘Spiral Crackerjack’
03 ‘You're Pulling My Face Off’
04 ‘I'm Pulling My Face Off’
05 ‘Tickling A Nutter’
06 ‘Volatile’
07 ‘Realm Promo’
08 ‘Cassie Falling’
09 ‘Diamond Body’
10 ‘Mumanguish’
11 ‘Snowflake Banger’
12 ‘Experts In Light’
13 ‘Isolation Theme (Thigpen)’
14 ‘Isolation Theme 2’
15 ‘Amor’
16 ‘Abyss Thick And Wide’
17 ‘Luke Falling’
18 ‘Isolation Theme’ (Thom Yorke Remix) - new bonus track
19 ‘Creel Etude’ - new bonus track
20 ‘Amor’ (C.B. Rework) - new bonus track

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