Brooklyn's Coastgaard released the album Devil on the Balcony earlier this year, and on November 18 they'll give a digital-only release to B Sides on the Balcony, which features music that didn't make it onto that album. One of the songs is the gentle, folky "Bloodlines," which premieres in this post. Here's what the band tells us about it:

"Bloodlines" was one of those songs that we had about ten thousand different arrangements of, but all of them felt wrong for one reason or another. We initially wanted it to be on Devil on the Balcony, but like lots of ideas it just got put on pause. Then one day hanging out in Sean's apartment on a Sunday afternoon, it peeked its head around the corner and came back to life sounding like some kind of drugged out lullaby, which is kind of fitting to what it's always been about.

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