Florida band Colonial Wound was formed in 2018 as the duo of Dylan Mikos (of Yashira) and Ben Clifton (of Umanità Nova), and they later recruited drummer John Edwards (former touring drummer for Kylesa) and released their untitled debut EP in 2019. It's a killer mix of sludge metal and post-hardcore that won over people like Patrick Kindlon and Tom Schlatter, and it also caught the attention of the New Morality Zine label who will release their sophomore EP Degradation this Friday (4/16). For this one, Dylan stepped away from vocal duties and the band's longtime friend Jeremy Atkins took over. The lineup may be a little different, but the music is just as bone-crushingly intense as it was on the last EP.

"Jeremy brought a lot to the table in terms of ideas with writing and it was nice to see him insert himself," Dylan says. "He just hit the ground running. Made it feel like he was the perfect fit right off the bat." "We knew we wanted it to be more aggressive, less atmospheric," Dylan continues. "Jeremy’s involvement inherently helped steer us in that direction."

The EP won't be out officially until the end of the week, but you can hear it now; a full stream premieres below. Pre-order it from NMZ.

Meanwhile, Dylan adds that the band are already working on their next release. "We’ve got a good bit of songs demoed out for the next release, which will most likely be longer," he says. "We’re currently sitting on demos for 9 tracks." Stay tuned!

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