Danish punks Tvivler formed back in 2014 with members of Children of Fall, Lack, Obstacles, and Town Portal, and they're about to follow their first three EPs with their debut full-length, EGO, next week (April 3 via This Charming Man Records, pre-order). It's an adrenaline-fueled collection of songs that pull from mile-a-minute D-beat and throat-shredding hardcore as much as they pull from more melodic and atmospheric styles of punk and post-hardcore, and they've got some avant-garde tendencies rooted in noise and free jazz too. It's a hell of a record, and here's what the band tells us about it:

Besides the more obvious and primary references to our age of unsustainable modernity and liberal late capitalism, the title EGO also refers to our creative processes as a band. We are constantly balancing the fact that we are a group of individuals - each with his ideas and opinions - with the collective processes in which we give way to the rule of the band entity and the common ground. We are pretty much an anarchistic organization, which is a challenge, not because of anarchy in itself, but because of humans.

The ego is modernity’s ubiquitous superstar or maybe a symptom of the zeitgeist. From influencers over the talking class to the paranoia of the xenophobe. We tend to praise the ego as something most authentic; a true core we need to cultivate. However, we often forget that the ego, most of all, is but a narcissistic sediment; the individual’s fantasy about coherence and unity.

This album is itself the result of a collision between the narcissistic and collective forces. A collision utilized creatively rather than destructively.

A full stream premieres right here: