Dave Hause is following last year's Bury Me In Philly with a folky solo EP, September Haze, this Thursday (11/1) (pre-order). The EP includes three new songs, a Brandi Carlile cover, and an acoustic version of "Shaky Jesus" from Bury Me In Philly. We already posted one of the new songs, "Lemon Hill," and we've now got the premiere of another of the new songs, "Steady Now." This one's a real melancholic slow-burner where you can really feel Hause's emotion coming through, and it features rich harmonies from his brother Tim and Northcote's Matthew Daniel Goud. As Dave tells us, it's about some pretty powerful stuff:

I wrote "Steady Now" in 2015 after quitting drinking. It occurred to me then that it was not going to be a cure-all, that the hard work was just beginning. I actually was the least “steady” I had been in years, I had taken away a huge coping mechanism and then wasn’t sure how to navigate the waters. It's interesting as humans how often we assume that if we do a difficult thing that we are owed something; that there’s a quid pro quo. “I quit drinking! Where is everything else that I want in life? I’m not sleeping around, where is the muse?” It never quite works that way. It’s all hard work.

Listen to "Steady Now" below.

Dave Hause has one show coming up: NJ's Crossroads on November 10 with Kayleigh Goldsworthy (tickets).

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