The legendary David Byrne is a week away from releasing his new album American Utopia, and now the whole thing is streaming in full. It's his first solo album since 2004's Grown Backwards, though it also follows his collaborative albums with St. Vincent, Fatboy Slim, and Brian Eno (and various other projects he's stayed busy with over the years). It features Eno, plus Oneohtrix Point Never, Sampha, Doveman, and others. It's unmistakably the work of David Byrne and features a lot of his trademark traits, but as you might have guessed from his decision to work with artists like OPN and Sampha, Byrne isn't looking backwards. American Utopia is adventurous music, even (or, especially) in the context of modern music.

Byrne's also got an ambitious stage show planned, including stops at California's Coachella and New York's Panorama.