Deaf Club -- the chaotic hardcore band fronted by the prolific Justin Pearson (The Locust, Swing Kids, Retox, etc), alongside members of ACxDC, The Manx, Squid Pisser, and more -- released their killer debut LP Productive Disruption earlier this year, and as mentioned, they're already set to put out a new EP, Bad Songs Forever, on 5/6 via Pearson's Three One G label (pre-order). The EP includes three original songs and an awesome cover of the Pixies' "Broken Face," and we're now premiering its third single, "But Does It Fart?"

"The title is a rhetorical question," Justin tells us. "I know the answer. Humans have become increasingly great at farting things out into the world. This action probably started with religion. An example since we are coming up on Easter, a day where people celebrate a dead guy coming back to life while there is a rabbit that delivers eggs to children. Seems fairly asinine to me, and always has. That was the best those mother fuckers could come up with? See, they farted that whole idea out there. Now we have dicks like Tucker Carlson farting things out there hourly to a lot of gullible people, who all think Easter makes sense. Deaf Club is clearly on the wrong planet."

As you can probably already guess, the song is dripping with sneering sarcasm, and it's also the kind of batshit, discordant hardcore song that Justin Pearson and his peers have been churning out for decades. It rips, and you can stream it below, along with the two previous singles (including the Pixies cover). Deaf Club also have upcoming West Coast/Southwest tour dates (including shows with Napalm Death, METZ, John Waters, and more) and those are listed below too.

In related news, The Locust's New Erections is getting a 15th anniversary vinyl reissue, and we've got an exclusive "ancestor incest red" variant, limited to 300 copies and up for pre-order now.

Previous singles:

Deaf Club -- 2022 Tour Dates
April 14 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar w/ Napalm Death
April 16 San Luis Obispo, CA @ Madonna Inn w/ John Waters, Josie Cotton, Kate Clover
May 7 Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar
May 8 Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad
May 10 Dallas, TX @ Rubber Gloves
May 12 Austin, TX @ Elysium w/ METZ, Spotlights
May 18 Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell
June 9 Los Angeles, CA @ Resident


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