Devon Kay & the Solutions have been insanely prolific lately. They recently followed several 2020 releases (including a full-length album) with the new single "A Little Bit," and we're now premiering a second DKandS single of 2021, "Oh My, Oh My, We're Far Past That Now."

"OMOMWFPTN is one of those songs I wrote about a very specific snapshot in my life that feels like it's taken on a broader appeal," Devon says. "I wanted to make something akin to Tom Petty if dude was vaguely punk and flirted with Death Cab for Cutie... in space. The song is littered with melodic 'inside jokes' to the bands we spent 2019 touring with so keep an ear out for those." In the band's own words, they combine elements of power pop, punk, ska, indie rock, musical theater, dad rock, and straight up pop music, and you can hear all of that coming through on "OMOMWFPTN." The Solutions do it in a way that sounds big and anthemic but also feels natural and never gets cheesy or over-the-top. Listen for yourself below.

The Solutions will celebrate the release of the song with an event on Twitch this Saturday (1/31) at 10 PM ET. Flyer for that is below.

Devon Kay Twitch


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