Doubtfire is the Richmond trio of guitarist/vocalist Nick Crider (Dumb Waiter), drummer/vocalist Matt Wild (Hellbear), and bassist Joey Anderson (Night Idea), who -- in Nick Crider's words -- "have zeroed in on a more avant-garde perspective on thrash, black metal and hardcore." You can definitely hear all three of those genres manifesting themselves in interesting ways on Doubtfire's debut EP Spewtrid, which takes admitted influence from Liturgy, Krallice (whose Colin Marston mastered the EP), Daughters, Kayo Dot, and others and should appeal to fans of all four of those bands.

"I think our eclectic backgrounds really made it harder to lean into a specific direction," Nick continues. "Our recording engineer, Dave Watkins, is a mad scientist. He really is into trying out different techniques. I think he's one of the only engineers that has encouraged me to throw broken amps with blown speakers into the mix. He also doesn't mind throwing 30 mics across the warehouse studio."

The whole four-song EP is an intense listen, and Doubtfire save the best for the last: the five-minute "Debt," which goes from ambient music to black metal and back and incorporates all kinds of other genre-agnostic ideas in the process. It's a wild ride, as you can hear for yourself by streaming the EP in full below.

The EP gets its official digital/cassette release on Friday (7/31). You can pre-order it at Bandcamp.

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