Graham Scala has been extremely prolific lately, with new releases this year alone from Bleach Everything, Collapse Culture, and Arepo, and now he’s gearing up to put out a new album by yet another one of his projects, his electronic solo project Interstitia. The new album is called Hermes Slips The Trap and it’s due July 16 via Pax Aeternum (pre-order).

“This release marked a pretty sharp left turn from my previous releases,” Graham said. ” I’ve never been good at making anything too polished or refined so instead of trying to disabuse myself of those tendencies I embraced them. But while I was invested in making something stranger and noisier, I didn’t want it to be too dense or inaccessible.”

Graham recently released lead single “Monument Eternal” and we’re now premiering second single “Rye Wolves,” both of which find this punk/hardcore lifer churning out beat-driven electronic music that’s simultaneously noisy and melodic, sounding a little like Blanck Mass or the more upbeat Jon Hopkins songs.

“‘Rye Wolves’ was the first track I finished for this album, and it set the tone for everything else,” Graham tells us. “I wanted to maintain the exuberance of my previous releases while pushing the songs in a more intense direction. The disorienting “everything louder than everything else” approach I took steered the album towards something less comfortable and more caustic without sacrificing the tone and the energy I had utilized in the past. I enjoy a lot of harsh music, but I think it’s vastly more subversive to make harshness accessible just as I enjoy a lot of quiet, cerebral music but think that sort of thing is considerably more potent if it’s a little frayed around the edges. So, while ‘Rye Wolves’ is the harshest song on the album, it helped establish a modus operandi for the remaining material.”

Listen to both songs below…



1. Ekstasis
2. Monument Eternal
3. Rye Wolves
4. Axis Mundi
5. Marzeah
6. The Truly Angelic Must Instill Fear