Seattle's Endorphins Lost are following their 2016 debut LP Choose Your Way with Seclusions this Saturday (2/16) via From The Head Of Zeus, and if you're a fan of fast, heavy music you need to hear this. They exist somewhere in the realm of hardcore, grind, powerviolence, and death metal, and they even slow it down for some crushing sludge on the title track and "Two Minutes Hate" (both of which, at three minutes and change, are twice as long as the average song on this album). It reminds me of stuff like Poison Idea as much as it reminds me of stuff like Napalm Death, and Endorphins Lost do it with enough passion and precision that fans of either of those legendary bands should get down with this record. We've got a premiere of the full stream and you can listen below.

Endorphins Lost are playing Maryland Deathfest and they've got some other upcoming shows and fests, all of which are listed below.

Endorphins Lost -- 2019 Tour Dates
2/16/2019 Highline – Seattle WA * Record Release Show w/ Black Queen, Great Falls, City Of Industry
4/19/2019 Top Knot Fest – Seattle, WA
4/20/2019 Little Devil’s Lunchbox – Port Angeles, WA w/ Turian, Noose
5/25/2019 Maryland Deathfest – Baltimore, MD
6/01/2019 Montreal Earslaughter – Montreal, QC

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