Richmond crossover thrashers Enforced are releasing their new album At The Walls next week (7/19) via Strife's label WAR Records, and following recent singles "Skinned Alive" (ft. Dwid Hellion of Integrity) and "Born Lost," we're now premiering the third single, "Reckoning Force." Like the other two singles, "Reckoning Force" is a total adrenaline rush, with enough thrash riffs and whammy solos to recall classic '80s crossover bands like Enforced's recent tourmates Leeway, and a raw bark that's in line with the aforementioned Integrity. Enforced don't just sound like revivalists though. The album was mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (who also works with likeminded thrashers Power Trip), and he helps give it a modern sound. But really the credit goes to Enforced, who know how to pull from the past but make it sound fresh. Of "Reckoning Force," guitarist Will Wagstaff tells us:

This song was partially written with Isaac (Hullinger) on drums, and partially written with new drummer Alex (Bishop). We wrote most of the fast riffs with Isaac and then kind of put the solo part and intro together with Alex. I remember we modified the fast riff a bit once we had written the intro. We wanted to kind of have a ‘Pull The Plug’ (Death) style vibe during the intro and then bust into the fast riff. Both this song and ‘Skinned Alive’ definitely represent somewhat of a transition stylistically pushing into a more death-thrash direction where we're going to be featuring more double bass parts, more intricate guitar play and thrashing slam riffs.

Listen below.

Meanwhile, not only is Integrity's Dwid Hellion on previous single "Skinned Alive," he also created the album artwork. On working with him, Wagstaff says, "Working with Dwid was awesome. It’s always great to get input and collaborate with someone who has more experience than you. Integrity was an insanely influential band for me getting into hardcore and metal, so to get to work with him and having him do the artwork was absolutely perfect." Vocalist Knox Colby adds, "Dwid was an absolute pleasure to work with. As a lifelong Integrity fan, it was such an experience working alongside a personal hero of mine for the album artwork and the back-and-forth with the lyrics. Dwid was into what we wanted to achieve and hit all levels with the artwork and vocal delivery. I couldn’t be happier with what he gave us, and I hope to collaborate more in the future."

Enforced have two shows coming up at the moment: a DC show with Red Death, Ekulu, and Illusion; and a hometown release show with Red Death, Dead & Dreaming, Loud Night, and Mutually Assured Destruction.

1. Reckoning Force
2. Skinned Alive
3. Born Lost
4. The Heat
5. Retaliation
6. Brahman
7. At The Walls of Antioch
8. World of Pain
9. Civilized Mind

Enforced -- 2019 Tour Dates
8/5 - Songbyrd, Washington DC - w/ Red Death, Ekulu, & Illusion.
8/25 - The Camel, Richmond, Va - Enforced "At The Walls" Record Release w/ Red Death, Dead & Dreaming, Loud Night, Mutually Assured Destruction

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