As mentioned, LA hardcore band Entry (whose guitarist Clayton Stevens is also in Touche Amore) will follow their 2016 EP No Relief with their first full-length, Detriment, this Friday (7/17) via Southern Lord (pre-order).

The band cite such influences as Discharge, Minor Threat, Converge, Tragedy, The Cramps, and The Exploited, and you can definitely hear that kind of stuff coming through in their dark, heavy, whiplash-inducing hardcore. Just about every song is a D-beating ripper, until album closer “Demons,” which is about twice as long as every other song on this LP and finds Entry diving into murky sludge. It’s the perfect vessel for the rage and despair that vocalist Sara G delivers with pure venom. “Each track represents a detriment to ourselves and our society,” the band tells us. “Learning to deal with the past while also coping with the horrendous political climate constantly surrounding us.”

The album officially drops Friday, but you can now listen to the full stream, which premieres right here:

Entry Detriment

1. Intro
2. Your Best Interest
3. Vulnerable
4. Secondary
5. Selective Empathy
6. These Feelings
7. Not Your Decision
8. Control
9. Demons