West Virginia's fallfiftyfeet formed out of the ashes of False Accusations, and their new LP Twisted World Perspective is one hell of a debut offering. Opening track "The Gloom" starts out sounding like emo-grunge in the vein of Superheaven, Balance and Composure, etc, but it quickly turns out to be a red herring. About halfway through, the song switches gears into moshy metalcore, and from there, Twisted World Perspective navigates an array of different strains of post-hardcore and metalcore. The album's metalcore/mathcore side brings to mind bands like Botch, Norma Jean, and Every Time I Die, and it also embraces the howled clean vocals and proggy post-hardcore of a band like The Receiving End of Sirens. They also pepper in bits of The Blood Brothers' sassy chaos, The Fall of Troy's flashy leads, and emo-pop hooks that wouldn't feel out of place on the early 2000s Victory Records catalog. Sometimes they remind me of The Illusion of Safety-era Thrice, other times they remind me of The Dillinger Escape Plan. They clearly pull from a lot of different places, but similar to cohorts like The Callous Daoboys (whose Amber Christman plays violin on "Cell Dmg") and For Your Health (who they're sharing a bill with in Ohio soon), they connect dots from the past 20+ years of hardcore-adjacent music with fresh perspective.

In addition to Amber from The Callous Daoboys on violin, the album also boasts guest vocals from Greyhaven's Brent Mills (on "Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear") and Dr. Acula's Rob Accadri (on "Cell Dmg"), as well as trumpet on "Cell Dmg" from The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die's Chris Teti, who also engineered and mixed the album with END/ex-Misery Signals member Greg Thomas (who co-produced it with fallfiftyfeet's James Becca). Given how strong of a debut this is, I suspect it won't be long before fallfiftyfeet's name is as familiar as the bands they currently associate with.

Stream the full album below...


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