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As the story goes, Fiddlehead -- the post-hardcore band with members of Have Heart and Basement -- didn't initially intend to make a second record, but they did, and it's become one of the most anticipated post-hardcore albums of 2021 so far. Titled Between The Richness, it comes out this Friday (5/21) via Run For Cover (pre-order), but you can stream the whole thing two days early over at The FADER.

Fiddlehead also did an interview with FADER and guitarist Alex Henery (also of Basement) spoke about some influences (Archers of Loaf, Fugazi, Samiam), while vocalist Pat Flynn (also of Have Heart) discussed how he took the band's live show into consideration with this album more so than he did on the band's debut:

I was conscious of the live experience. Whereas, on the first record, I didn’t give a damn. So the kids at that Programme show have a pretty profound influence on this band, at least in my eyes. And then, the kids who have turned out to our shows and responded in very open emotion and physicality in the hardcore tradition.

With this album I was really trying to ensure that the live experience would be as optimal for outward expression of emotion as possible. Not to the point where everyone’s weeping on the floor, but I thought that it might be valuable to keep that in mind, but while also keeping a level of restraint in there.

"I think live shows, when they return, especially for punk and hardcore bands, will be so, so profound," Alex adds. Read thew whole interview and stream the album HERE.

Pre-order Fiddlehead's new album on white-in-purple vinyl from our shop, and while you're there, you can also pick up the expanded, six-song version of Have Heart's What Counts on white 12" vinyl.


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