Finnish death metal vets Convulse did the nostalgia thing last year when they performed their classic 1992 debut album World Without God at a one-off NYC show, but now they're getting back to their current material with their first new album since 2016's Cycle of Revenge. It's called Deathstar, and it comes out this Friday (10/30) via Transcending (pre-order), but you don't need to wait until then to hear it. We're premiering a full stream right now.

The new album finds Convulse in fine form, continuing down their path of pairing vicious death metal with bright rock riffs and proggy tendencies. Guitarist/vocalist Rami Jämsä says:

The Deathstar album process took three years. We continued rehearsing weekly after the Cycle Of Revenge release in 2016, because we have found a natural way to express ourselves as a trio and new song motifs kept on coming. You can definitely hear this progress on Deathstar. We have become more mature and confident about what we want to do. When we started to rehearse and record the new album, we didn't have a record deal. We just had a passion to play and record. We [saved] money to cover proper studio costs in an excellent analog studio with a professional recording and mixing engineer. We always like to work together and have a real album recording and mixing sessions instead of some bedroom sessions. I think all went smoothly, but of course it took a lot of time and there were stressful moments too during the whole process. Lyrically Deathstar is a concept album about the condition of humanity and our planet. Only [the] "We Sold Our Soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll" track breaks this concept. Deathstar will be an interesting experience for anyone who enjoys listening to music without genre limitations. It includes music that I would like to listen myself.

Listen to the full album right here:


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