Daytona Beach punks Virginity are following their 2019 debut LP With Time and 2020 EP Death to the Party with their sophomore album POPMORTEM this summer via the Smartpunk label. The album came together during the pandemic, it’s said to be a more collaborative effort than With Time, and it was mixed and mastered by the great Jack Shirley (Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor, etc).

We’re premiering lead single “Nosferattitude (The Vampire Song),” a crunchy, catchy song that mixes the flannel-coated loud-quiet-loud dynamics of grunge with the sugary thrill of pop punk. “This song is about me having bouts of imposter syndrome,” says singer/guitarist Casey Crawford. “Our band isn’t exactly ‘successful’ by the average person’s standards probably, but it’s gone way beyond what I would’ve ever imagined. I feel like people really connected with our first album and when I was writing these songs I kept feeling like ‘what if With Time was a fluke and I actually can’t write a good song?’ This is the first of several songs about writing songs.”

Listen below…