Florida emo band Glazed's last EP 1999 is named after the year that produced such emo/pop punk classics as The Get Up Kids' Something To Write Home About and Saves The Day's Through Being Cool, and their followup single "Disheveled" came with Through Being Cool-referencing artwork and features Say Anything's Max Bemis, and all of that should give you an idea of what this band sounds like. Their new single "DOOMED WORLD (keep spinning)" is a quarter-life crisis anthem that also reminds me a little of Shed-era Title Fight, and if all of this sounds like your kinda thing, you'll probably find that Glazed do it very, very well. "DOOMED WORLD (keep spinning)" isn't a total reinvention of the genre or anything, but it's a vital, refreshing example of it.

"'DOOMED WORLD (keep spinning)' is the brick wall everyone hits by surprise when their childhood dies, and how the allure of nostalgia can spark superstition and addiction," singer/guitarist Justin Belichis tells us. "If the kid in me left the day Robin Williams died, this song has been half a decade in the making."

"On the topic of death, we thought it would be cool to write a song so pop punk that it could kill the genre," Justin continues. "So we wrote this one, which is influenced by so many waves of the genre and the regional impact growing up playing shows in North Florida has had on our sound. The best thing about Glazed is how diverse we are and I think this song captures that individuality we flex on our backs so well. It's busy and there are many layers to it all. This is a song that will have your back and make you take a lap."

The song premieres right here:


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