Florida's WISH mix boot-stomping, bark-your-head-off hardcore with fiery thrash riffage, and they do it in a way that avoids sounding like your average crossover thrash revival. Their debut EP Adapt Or Die arrives this Friday (5/21) via WAR Records (pre-order), and we're premiering a full stream of it today.

"Adapt or Die is a collection of songs from the past year that we wrote during a time there were no shows going on," says guitarist Tyler Denslow. "It acted as the perfect opportunity for us to really focus on the sound we wanted to go for and what we wanted to represent as a band. We saw a lot of people bowing out of the scene during this time so it just motivated us."

"Lyrically, I'd say Adapt or Die covers a broad range of themes found in most counterculture," adds vocalist Kenny Anderson. "Disdain for the status quo, social justice and calling out those here for the wrong reasons. However, if there was to be a main point it is to remember what brought you to hardcore. Hardcore has changed a lot since I first started going to shows when I was 16/17 and now I'm 31. And if you aren't willing to adapt to the change then you won't last long in this scene. You see too many fair weather hardcore kids these days and not lifers. You can always tell when someone is on their way out because they keep complaining about the current state of hardcore. WISH has given me a way to express some of these sentiments. Having something to say and being able to scream it on stage is a gift and it would be foolish of me to do so with empty words I didn't believe in."

WISH also say that they plan to follow Adapt Or Die with a full-length, and to play shows once it's safe. Stay tuned for both of those things and stream the new EP below...

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