Bonnie Cosby has contributed to releases by Bleach Everything, Arepo, Ex Holiday, and Gregor Samsa, and now she's putting out her debut solo EP, Virginiana, which features Bonnie on vocals, guitar, violin, and musical saw, alongside Graham Scala (Bleach Everything) on guitar texture, Dash Lewis (Gardener) on modular synth, Duncan Adams on guitar and bass, and Ricky Olson providing drums, keyboards, and synth. The EP comes out this Friday (10/1) via Pax Aeternum (pre-order), and we're premiering a full stream in this post.

Despite the close connections to the hardcore band Bleach Everything, Bonnie's own music is tender and ethereal, pulling from folk and dream pop and coming out with something that sounds as lush and colorful as the album artwork. Bonnie says:

I started working on this album in 2018 as a tribute to my cousin who struggled with addiction, and it ultimately took his life. That year I also decided to start living a sober life. Creating this album and becoming sober at the same time helped me restore faith in myself and in my community of musicians, the best part was watching the vibrancy come back to all my senses, which made the process that much sweeter! It’s been a beautiful journey, and I’ve had some of the best things happen since then, too many to count. On October 10th, I’m celebrating three years of sobriety, and I’m so proud to be releasing my first album over this anniversary! It’s my way of showing that when you really start giving this life your ALL it will start to give back.

Listen below...

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