It's already been a great year for death metal, and here's one more death metal album getting released just before the year ends that's not to miss: the new self-titled LP by DC's Genocide Pact, out this Friday (12/3) via Relapse (pre-order). Though it's not officially out until tomorrow, we're premiering the full stream in this post, and I highly recommend giving this one a spin. It hearkens back to old school late '80s/early '90s death metal, and it's very much in touch with the genre's hardcore punk roots but still firmly a "metal" album. And though Genocide Pact's influences aren't hard to guess, they offer up much more than idol worship; Genocide Pact make these time-tested sounds feel fresh. And most importantly of all, this album just rips. Give it a listen below.

Drummer Connor Donegan was recently interviewed for Invisible Oranges about the album, and here's an excerpt of that interview, about the album artwork:

A lot of death metal bands take a similar approach to album art and we just wanted to do something different. We had Joe Petagno do a huge death metal style painting for our last album and as much as we loved it we didn't feel like it accurately represented us. A few of us come from a grindcore background and we wanted to showcase some of that influence and vibe in the artwork. Also our lyrics are based in reality, not fantasy, so it makes more sense for us to have real world events depicted in our artwork rather than a fictitious drawing.

Genocide Pact have two release shows in DC this weekend, and they'll return to NYC to open the big Xibalba-headlined show at Market Hotel on December 18 alongside Section H8, Hangman, Scowl, Soul Blind, and Stabbed (tickets). The show doubles as a holiday toy drive, so bring a toy.

Connor also made us a list of his 8 favorite albums/songs of 2021 (plus two entertaining non-music picks) and wrote a bit about each one. Read that below while you listen to Genocide Pact's new LP...

Connor Donegan's Top 10 of 2021

Dream Unending - Tide Turns Eternal
My favorite release of 2021 by far. Justin and Derrick are good friends of mine and I love the music they created together. A really refreshing album in an era filled with bands playing it way too safe.

Gauze - 言いたかねえけど目糞鼻糞
I had no real expectations for this record because all the guys in Gauze are like 60, but sure enough it fucking crushes! At this point you could make a case for Gauze being the best Hardcore band of all time. They’ve put out 6 incredible LPs over a span of almost 40 years. Who else can say that?

Skourge - Hardcore Up Your Ass
Every Hardcore band claims to sound like Obituary but Skourge actually does. So heavy, so mean. Great live band too.

Antichrist Siege Machine - Purifying Blade
Their best stuff yet. Absolutely punishing. Scott is one of the best current Metal drummers and he really struts his stuff on this record. Huge shoutout!

Mortiferum - Preserved In Torment
The modern kings of Death Doom. Somehow even heavier and more filled with despair than their last album. Just what the doctor ordered.

Turnstile - "Mystery"
I’ve been a Turnstile fan for a long time now and I think it’s awesome to see how much they’ve blown up and progressed over the years. This song has big “cruising around the city with the windows down” energy.

Kim Petras - "Future Starts Now"
Didn’t know anything about Kim Petras until I heard this song and it really blew my hair back. Might be the song I listened to most in 2021.

Kanye West - "Come To Life"
I’m a big Kanye guy but I haven’t listened to Donda yet because… I honestly just don’t care that much. My friend Alfredo told me this was his favorite song on the album so I checked it out and… it’s really fucking good. Had it on repeat for like 4 days straight. Made me more excited to eventually listen to the whole record whenever I get around to it.

The Russell Westbrook trade
I’m a Boston Celtics fan, but I have a soft spot for the Wizards because I live in DC. As a Westbrook enthusiast I enjoyed his time here, but getting 3 well rounded guys in Kuzma, KCP, and my dude Montrezl Harrell was such a great move by the Wizards. Sorry Lakers fans, you’re not winning shit!

Cedarland Restaurant in Dearborn Michigan
I took a trip to Michigan a few weeks ago and I asked my trusty Detroit confidant Ian where I should eat. He told me to go here and he knocked it out of the park. Best hummus I’ve had in years, the shawarma wrap was divine, and the vibe was awesome. Will definitely eat here again every time I’m in the Detroit area.

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