Toronto emo/post-hardcore band Growing Fins are releasing a self-titled EP on July 9 via Old Press Records, and it'll feature their 2020 single "Ogilvie" as well as "...And Then I Hotboxed My Washroom.," which premieres in this post.

"The structure of 'Hotbox' came together fairly quickly for us, but the end result took a long time to develop," vocalist/guitarist Connor Wooldridge tells us. "I had been listening to a lot of metal at the time and wanted the song to have a breakdown in it, but to also be kind of pretty! We really wanted to experiment with horns and other instruments on this song and the musicians we had play on it did a fantastic job. Instead of the standard solitary emo trumpet, we had a bunch of our pals over and gave them free rein to just start ripping on the track and we’re really happy with the end result."

"Ogilvie" was a fired-up, fast-paced ripper that fused Midwest emo noodling with gravelly Hot Water Music/Title Fight shouts, but "Hotbox" shows off a more slow-burning, post-rocky side, and it's cool to hear this more expansive, experimental side of them. Listen below.

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