Human Issue is the San Diego punk collective that started as the solo project of Hunter Martinez (of Decent Criminal, Dwarves, Slaughterboys) and grew to include vocalists CrowJane and Bryan Lothian (A Global Threat) guitarist Rikk Agnew (Adolescents, Christian Death), bassists Tristan Martinez (Violation, Decent Criminal) and Ricky Schmidt (Western Settings, Hey Chels), pianist/vocalist Jacque Mendez (Hey Chels), and production and vocals from Corrupted Youth's Raul and Riff Cuellar. Their debut EP Faceless. Nameless. comes out this Friday (2/18) via Rad Girlfriend Records (pre-order), and we're premiering a full stream in this post.

"It’s painfully honest. The most honest thing I’ve ever written and put out in the world," Hunter tells us about the EP. "It's an overdue therapy session of about 15 years wrapped into 12 mins of music. I’m grateful for the whole process. I’m grateful that I had this cast of musicians to work with on this EP. I’ve been a fan of all of these people for years. Very grateful for the opportunity, I’m grateful to still be alive and very grateful this is finally out."

Musically speaking, it's fast-paced, no-frills punk/hardcore, and the multiple vocalists give it a real communal feeling. It also absolutely rips, as you can hear for yourself by streaming it below.

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