Pre-order the remastered reissue of Jeromes Dream's 'Presents' on limited white/pink splatter vinyl.

Screamo pioneers Jeromes Dream's second and final pre-reunion album Presents has been remastered (by Jack Shirley) for its first-ever vinyl release, which arrives this Friday (9/24) via Iodine Recordings, 20 years after the Kurt Ballou-recorded classic was initially released. We've got a limited edition white/pink splatter "White Denim" variant available in our store, and we're also premiering a stream of the remastered album in this post. Here's what bassist/vocalist Jeff Smith tells us about this reissue:

Presents is a moment in time. It’s over in the blink of an eye. But it has an urgency that makes you come back again and again because you feel like you missed something. To this day I have a hard time wrapping my head around how we three kids from Connecticut made such a strange, beautiful record. It reminds me of the magic that lives deep in the relationship that Erik [Ratensperger], Nick [Antonopulous] and I have. It captures the essence of our youth and the bond that insulated us. I’ve said a lot of things about this record recently, but today, I just want to make sure to remember the safety and vulnerability that we felt when we got behind our instruments to create this thing.

I’m really glad that we are partnering with Iodine Recordings to bring this record back to life and give it new meaning. Whether you were there back then, you discovered it in the years after we took a break, or this is your first listen, this newly re-mastered version with re-imagined artwork really makes it feel like a new record to us. And while it isn’t without its flaws, the record, again, is, to me, a perfect snapshot from a time that was ushering in a new kind of global darkness while we did our best to navigate the difficulty of our very early twenties.

Listen for yourself below and pick up the white/pink splatter variant, limited to 200.


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