Jimmy Montague of Perspective, a lovely hand to hold is releasing a solo album, Casual Use, this Friday (5/21) via Chillwave Records (pre-order), but "solo album" doesn't mean stripped-back or anything; just the opposite. Casual Use is a maximalist, horn-fueled, '70s-style baroque pop album, and Jimmy and his collaborators do justice to the music of that era. Jimmy says:

Recording Casual Use felt like my first opportunity to paint with a larger palette. I wanted huge arrangements, huge horn sounds, huge drums, huge everything. I wanted the Wall Of Sound energy without the Wall Of Sound wash-out. I wanted the feel of the big brass bands of the '70s with the lyrical content of my contemporaries. I wanted to be able to reach for anything without hesitation. It was a wild learning experience for me, not only as an artist but as a recording engineer, to really learn how to track these sort of things that you dont really come into contact with anymore. A great deal of thanks goes to my two brass and woodwind liaison’s and trusted confidants Ben (Barnett) and Matt (Knoegel), who gave me crash courses in arranging horns, something an orchestra kid has no real business doing. Casual Use as a record reads as a cathartic page turning from your early to later 20s, a wake up call, and a step in a direction of larger purpose. For me, it feels like an exploration of the records i truly love, and an actual Commitment To The Bit.

In addition to fans of '70s rock and Wall of Sound production, fans of newer stuff like Foxygen, Weyes Blood, Matthew E. White, etc should take note of this album too. It officially comes out Friday but a full stream premieres right here:

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