Juliana Daugherty is releasing her debut album Light on June 1 via Western Vinyl (pre-order). She recently released lead single "Player," and we're now premiering another song from the album, "Baby Teeth." Talking about "Player," I said that Juliana "writes and sings like a folk musician, but she certainly doesn’t make straight-up folk music," though "Baby Teeth" is much closer to traditional folk. Compared to "Player," which had minimal beats and atmospheric electronics throughout the song, "Baby Teeth" is mostly just Juliana and her guitar, and she lets out a high and lonesome wail that recalls anything from Joni Mitchell to Angel Olsen. It's one of those songs that's so intimate, that you can hear Juliana's hand hitting her guitar strings, and it's really pretty-sounding stuff.

Juliana told us, "'Baby Teeth' is essentially a breakup song, only all the intense, post-relationship feelings are subdued by many, many years of distance and perspective. It feels somewhat relevant that the musical landscape of this one is sonically bright and light and shimmery—it's a little like getting the final word in." Listen below.

Juliana also added a show happening the day after the album comes out at DC's Songbyrd (6/2).

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