Kall, the band who formed out of the ashes of Swedish depressive black metal vets Lifelover in 2012, are releasing their second album (and first in six years), Brand on June 19 via Prophecy Productions (pre-order). We recently posted the great lead single/opening track "Rise," and we're now premiering the second single, "Eld."

"Kall, like Lifelover, shows its collective middle-finger to any scenes. The more they conform, the more we will set ourselves apart from them," the band says, and you can very much hear that on the genre-defying "Eld." Vocally, it's harsh black metal, but instrumentally, it moves from slowcore to anthemic grunge to a psychedelic, sax-fueled jamming, and Kall fuse all of that together seamlessly. If you like the latest Alcest album, you should hear this too.

"'Eld' is the literal and metaphorical narrative about death; relating two travelers sitting by a fire in the forest, with one being far out of her element," the band adds. "Through the assistance of hard psychedelic drugs, the antagonist is luring and ultimately forcing the protagonist to abandon the world as she knows it; accepting the unavoidable: the death of her ego and physical body, ultimately finds relief and purpose -- This is the album's revelation."



1. Rise
2. Fervour
3. Eld
4. Fukta din Aska
5. Hide Below
6. Fall

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