Portland artist Kassi Valazza is preparing to release her sophomore LP, Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing, due out May 26 via Fluff & Gravy Records. We're premiering the latest single, "Corners," a twangy ballad taking influence from '70s Americana and gentle, folky psychedelia. About it, Kassi says:

On this album, everything was recorded live, all the vocals and instrumentation. We recorded in a room together with TK and The Holy Know-Nothings, who hadn't heard any of the songs before we went into the studio. You're rarely going to find a songwriter that writes and composes every single song; it's a combination of people working things out together, of what I want and what the band hears. When people don't know the songs, it’s a lot looser and more magic can happen. You don't overthink it. One thing I really loved about recording 'Corners' in particular was watching the guys do the four-part harmonies. It finally felt like the song was coming together. I also made a point to have no electric guitar to add to those breezy Eagles sounds, making it the only track on the album without electric guitar.

Listen to "Corners" below.

Kassi Valazza has a handful of shows coming up this spring in the UK and Ireland. All dates below.

Kassi Valazza -- 2023 Tour Dates
APR 24 The Louisiana Bristol, United Kingdom
APR 25 Gullivers Manchester, United Kingdom
APR 26 The Folklore Rooms Brighton, United Kingdom
APR 27 Slaughtered Lamb London, United Kingdom
APR 29 Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Festival 2023 Kilkenny, Ireland
APR 30 Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Festival 2023 Kilkenny, Ireland
MAY 1 The Workmans Cellar Dublin 8, Ireland

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