Brockhampton's Kevin Abstract has been gradually rolling out his new solo album ARIZONA BABY, and after already releasing seven of its songs, the entire 11-song project is now here. The album was produced by Jack Antonoff and Kevin's Brockhampton groupmate Romil Hemnani, and there are guest vocals from Bearface, JOBA and Dominic Fike on "Peach," from Ryan Beatty on "Baby Boy," and from Dominic Fike, Jack Antonoff, and Ryan Beatty on "Crumble." Babyface also has a writing credit on "Baby Boy." Whether you're coming to this album as a fan of Brockhampton or you've been waiting for a new Kevin Abstract solo album since 2016's American Boyfriend (or both), you should be happy with the results. It's an almost effortlessly great mix of art rap, indie R&B, and more, and you can hear the whole thing below.

For some background, Kevin tweeted, "I’ve been making a ton of music some for the group some for me just bc some shit is too personal / self indulgent to Put on a group album and thats also a dif character all together but this summer I want all that shit out tired of holding records Back." He later added, "i was scared 2 release these songs bc i know mfs care Bout the group shit so this is so awesome to me im overwhelmed i love you all a lot dumbasses."

Kevin also wants you to know he just wants you to listen, whether or not you actually pay for the music: "NOT AN EP. THE WHOLE ALBUM. DONT CARE ABOUT SALES SO it DOESNT MATTER IF U LISTEN TO THE LEAK OR WHATEVER I JUST WANT FOLKS TO HOPEFULLY SEE THEMSELVES IN THE STUFF IM SAYIN - HOPE I CAN HELP SOMEONE ELSE OUT MUSIC IS POWERFUL." And he added, "Put my soul into this album and I ain’t really tripping bout streams or sales as much as I was with the last bh record. I was just making something out of survival. If you identify with my truth or any of the shit I’m saying and u listen the work - thank u I mean that sincerely."

In related news, Brockhampton will be in NYC soon for Governors Ball.

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