Noisy screamo band Kissies (featuring Teenage Halloween frontperson Luke Henderiks on bass/vocals), mathcore/emo/shoegaze band Splundr, and noise musician KPG have come together for an all-New Jersey three-way split. It's getting a cassette release on Quiet Year Records (which also helped release the For Your Health/Shin Guard split and music by ahomari., Listless, Slutever, Baby Grill, and more), and we're premiering a stream of the full split in this post.

"We were enthralled and stoked to share the vision of the direction we are going in going forward, much more of a noise influence with melodic parts and slammy parts," Kissies tell us. "This is a taste of what our first LP we are writing will sound more like and we are very excited to keep working. KPG and Splundr are very good friends of ours so we are ready to bring this release into the world." You can definitely hear all of that -- noise, sceamo, melody, slam -- coming through in Kissies' two contributions, "Hey Boys" and "Tuesday," which are both very strong offerings and make their debut LP seem very promising.

Splundr add that their songs were "our attempt to match some of the grindy metalcorish elements that Kissies would bring while still having some of the more shoegazy, post rock elements we normally play with," and that comes through too. The screamo-y "Martyr" is cut from a similar cloth as the Kissies songs, while "Litter" explores heavy shoegaze in a Boris/Jesu kind of way, and both songs do a great job of showing off different sides of their sound.

Last but not least, KPG (whose The Damage Done Luke Henderiks included on their year-end list) handles the distorted white noise. Sole member Ken Geiger says, "The epic two-part thriller of 'One More Green Nightmare' was recorded back on a particularly cool day in November 2019. Fueled by the power of hearty New Jersey diner food, a trio of myself, Patrick McCarthy (FILE.108) & Nicholas Sudol (IDES, Infrasubcontra) took turns ripping out solo jams in our home studio before going to play a decimating trio gig that evening. What came out of that is KPG stripped down to the bare essentials - just two synths and the ambition to explore their parameters. I dedicate this split to the ambitious Red-era lineup of King Crimson, as well as the Green Joke of the Jersey Shore. THANKS KISSIES. THANKS SPLUNDR. THANKS QUIET YEAR. NOISE IS THE SOUND OF LOVE!!"