We were just talking about how the sounds of chaotic, obnoxious, theatrical 2000s post-hardcore are coming back in a big way, and if that's of interest to you, you need this new 4-way split from Kurama, p.s.you'redead, Thotcrime, and The Queen Guillotined.

Texas band Kurama offer up "Snakes With Human Traits," which puts a raw, manic spin on classic metalcore. Buffalo's p.s.you'redead live up to their awesomely self-proclaimed danceviolence tag with the totally batshit "Here I Am In Feudal Japan Playing Duck Duck Goose With An Eight Foot Troll." And speaking of amazing genre names, Thotcrime live up to their own cyberpop/hypergrind description with "Attack its Weak Point for Massive Damage​!​!​!," a track whose candy-coated venom shares some traits with stuff like I Set My Friends On Fire, 100 gecs, and HORSE The Band. And then there's Buffalo's The Queen Guillotined, one of the best current bands that tap into the sounds of Myspace deathcore. Their contribution "My Name Is Unpronounceable (You May Be Entitled To Financial Compensation)" is as nasty as anything on their recent Nothing Will Get Us To Heaven EP.

4 Ways To Die is out now on Paper Wings Records (tapes and CDs launching at noon). Stream it below...

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