Fugazi are of course one of the most influential bands of all time, and not just on post-hardcore, the genre that they helped pioneer. Of the many, many bands they've impacted, 43 of them have come together for Ripcord Records' new compilation Silence Is A Dangerous Sound: A Tribute To Fugazi, which comes out October 1. The comp features La Dispute, Failure, Shai Hulud, Teenage Halloween, Chamberlain, Viva Belgrado, Couch Slut, Tsunami Bomb, The Last Gang, Belvedere, Dowsing, Authority Zero, The Darling Fire, Taking Meds, Direct Hit, Pet Symmetry, Nathan Gray (Boysetsfire), GILT, This Is Hell, Into It. Over It., Zao, Jonah Matranga (Far), Heart Attack Man, Bodega, Snapped Ankles, and many more. 100% of profits go to the Tribe Animal Sanctuary in Scotland, and cou can pre-order it from Bandcamp starting today (8/6). Today is a Bandcamp Friday (for which Bandcamp waives their cut of sales), so today would be a very good day to pre-order.

We're premiering La Dispute's take on "Strangelight," a highlight of Fugazi's final record, 2001's The Argument. It's easy to see how this song in particular has inspired La Dispute's own unique take on post-hardcore, and they make their version sound like a La Dispute song, without changing the original up too much. It's a genuinely great cover.

"Every band on this list, despite the range of ages and genres, grew up, I’d imagine, in a similar small world, blanketed so thoroughly by their big shadow it was nearly impossible to consider anything in it without thinking also of them: what Fugazi did, what would Fugazi do, how does the Fugazi code of conduct translate to now and to us," La Dispute says. "It’s an influence much larger and deeper than just music or art, such that lost in all of it to me so often is the foundation on which it was all built and trickled down to the rest of us, that Fugazi was a band, and not just a band, but one of the absolute best to ever be one: that never stopped growing, that never made a bad record, that never stagnated. So we picked 'Strangelight' for that reason, because we talk often of the ethical blueprint left but it’s the range and sharpness and intelligence in the music and lyrics upon which everything was built and continues to expand."

Listen to La Dispute's cover and view the full tracklist below. You can also hear the Couch Slut cover at Stereogum, the Into It. Over It. cover at Consequence, the Shai Hulud cover of Louder Sound, the Tsunami Bomb cover at Punk News, and the Darling Fire cover at Punk Rock Theory.

1. Authority Zero - Bad Mouth
2. The Darling Fire - Reclamation
3. Dowsing - KYEO
4. Belvedere - Styrofoam
5. The Last Gang - Blueprint
6. Shai Hulud - Great Cop
7. Crazy Arm - Epic Problem
8. Batteries - Target
9. Teenage Halloween - Reprovisional
10. La Dispute - Strangelight
11. Tsunami Bomb - Walken's Syndrome
12. Taking Meds - Burning
13. USA Nails - Caustic Acrostic
14. Haggard Cat - Life And Limb
15. Direct Hit - Burning Too
16. Pet Symmetry - Public Witness Program
17. Place Position - Place Position
18. Chamberlain - Runaway Return
19. Viva Belgrado - Repeater
20. Frauds - Cashout
21. Seas, Starry - Brendan #1
22. Couch Slut - Full Disclosure
23. Failure - Waiting Room
24. Nathan Gray - Bed For The Scraping
25. GILT - No Surprise
26. Swain - The Argument
27. The Hostiles - Turnover
28. This Is Hell - Sieve-Fisted Find
29. Into It. Over It. - Instrument
30. LIFE - And The Same
31. Big Ups - Do You Like Me
32. ZAO - Guilford Fall
33. Jonah Matranga - Suggestion
34. Heart Attack Man - Bulldog Front
35. Sounds Of Swami - Merchandise
36. S. T. Manville - Long Division
37. BODEGA - Provisional
38. Braidedveins - Oh
39. STORM{O} - Break
40. Wojtek - Fell, Destroyed
41. West Thebarton - Margin Walker
42. Snapped Ankles - Give Me The Cure
43. Before Stories - Dear Justice Letter


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