LA singer/songwriter Coco Reilly is self-releasing her self-titled debut album this Wednesday (12/9), and she's been rolling out singles from it over the past couple years. We're premiering the two latest ones today, "Be True" and "Mirror." Like the previous singles, the new ones find her tapping into vintage-style folk rock -- with hints of classic artists like George Harrison and newer artists like Weyes Blood -- and Coco does a lot of justice to that sound.

"“Mirror” has always played like a short film in my mind," Coco says. "With each repeating verse, it zooms further and further from my worried mind and into the larger picture, reminding me that I’m a small piece of a very large puzzle."

And regarding "Be True," she added, "It’s a message to myself as much as it is to others. If I can’t be true with myself, how can I expect it from anyone else? Our world accommodates brushing things under the rug instead of ripping off the bandaid to reveal the truth underneath. We can’t rebuild a better world if we aren’t willing to dismantle it. 'Be True' is also about getting to the core of right and wrong. To follow my moral compass no matter who or what agenda is swirling around me, but also to react to others with empathy and an open mind. We are becoming more of a divided society because we are staying in the friction of our polarized opinions, when we should stop attacking each other, reopen communication and reconnect on our common human ground."

"Mirror" was co-written with fellow singer/songwriter Erin Rae, who also sings on the track. Erin says, "For me, this song was about self-defeating patterns, and the people we unconsciously pick to repeat them with." Producer Jerry Bernhardt added, "The aim for 'Mirror' was to paint this sort of Expressionist portrait, sympathetic to the lyric. 'Repeating doesn’t quit, just for the fun of it.' As each layer unfolds and reveals itself, things get a little more and more disorienting and distorted, until the whole thing implodes into this collage of the unreal."

Listen to both new tracks below, and stream the four previous singles here.

The Truth Will Always Find A Way
Define You
Oh Oh My My
After All
Be True

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