In 2019, Markus Siegenhort (Lantlôs), Christian Kolf (Valborg, Owl) and Dirk Stark came together to form the death metal project Labyrinth of Stars, and they're now set to release their debut album Spectrum Xenomorph on September 30 via Translation Loss. They recently released lead single "Star Pervertor," and we're now premiering second single "Dissolving Into The Eternal Nothingness." Dirk Stark says:

"Dissolving Into The Eternal Nothingness" is about a space traveling guy who is suddenly torn out of cryo-sleep and finds himself in a brutal battle with xenomorphic entities. The ship is out of control and travels through a portal into an outside dimension where a dying god is finally reborn through the flesh of this poor motherfucker.

In the songwriting all this can be found again if you follow the song. Those two brutal hits at the beginning represent the sudden awakening from cryo sleep. After that pure stress. Mechanical noises. Alarm. Firing blaster rifles. Carnage. Death screams. It's all in there with this titanic xenomorphic god and a lot of all-alone-in-space-horror.

That should give you a good idea of what to expect from this surreal, menacing song, which you can check out below.

And here's lead single "Star Pervertor":

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