Lacrima is the new band fronted by Funeral Diner vocalist Seth Babb and also featuring Shawn Decker (Coma Regalia, Plague Walker, etc) on drums/guitar, Tom Schlatter (You and I, Hundreds of AU, Capacities, etc) on bass, and Christopher Rodriguez (Massa Nera) on guitar, and they've just released their debut EP Cartography on Middle-Man Records (USA), React With Protest (Germany), and Zegema Beach Records (Canada). If you like any of the related bands, you're almost definitely gonna like this, and it's especially a real treat to hear Seth Babb fronting a band again. It's basically everything you want from '90s-style screamo -- a perfect aggressive/beautiful balance, impassioned vocals, super raw recording -- and it's no surprise that this lineup knows exactly how to pull it off. Stream the full EP below.