The four members of icy synthpop four-piece Ladytron took some time off for life stuff after releasing and touring 2011's Gravity the Seducer. It ended up being longer than they meant and, while none of the band live in Liverpool anymore (or even near each other), they're now back with their self-titled sixth album and first in seven years. The record picks right up where they left off; this is the Ladytron you know: icy motoric synthpop that barrels along relentlessly, like that train in sci-fi movie Snowpiercer. That's ok, you don't really want Ladytron to start incorporating trap beats or anything. Maybe it's the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" adage but Ladytron makes for a very welcome return, and tracks like "Far From Home," "The Animals," and "Figurine" sound like classic Ladytron. The album's out next week but you can stream the whole thing right now over at NPR and you can watch videos for "The Animals" and "The Island" below.

The band have a few North American tour dates coming up, playing Mexico City, Los Angeles and San Diego. Hopefully they'll announce more soon. Those are listed below.

Ladytron - 2019 Tour Dates
February 27, 2019 - El Plaza Condesa, Mexico City, MX
February 28 - Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
March 1, 2019 - Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
March 2, 2019 - CRSSD Festival, San Diego, CA

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