As mentioned, Life Force (a new-ish band led by Matt Fletcher of Shai Hulud and Zombie Apocalypse) are gearing up to release their debut full-length album Hope and Defiance on New Age Records (pre-order), and after releasing three songs (including one featuring Tim McMahon of Mouthpiece), they've now got a fourth, "Milestones." It's a no-frills, youth crew-style ripper, and here's what vocalist Flint Beard tells us about it:

Anyone who lives and works in the world as it is today knows how easy it is to get totally caught up in ‘hustle’ culture, a toxic culture that consistently reinforces the idea that we all need to be constantly grinding and chasing more and more money above all else.

The reality of living this way, while it can (the operative term being ‘can’ because it’s definitely not ‘always’) lead to a little more money in our pockets, is that we are encouraged to sacrifice our own personal lives and relationships in order to prioritize a bigger paycheck. So that, even if we get to the point of making a little more, a lot of times it’s unsatisfying and facile because instead of celebrating the hundreds of thousands of very important (yet probably not profitable) milestones that occur throughout our lives, we are stuck on a veritable hamster wheel with dollar signs in our eyes.
Milestones like being there when your family members need you, or creating that piece of art that you’ve always dreamed of, or learning how to play a new sport, or honing a new hobby.

We have the ability to collaborate with our friends, build networks, and focus our time and labor on the betterment of ourselves and our communities, where our efforts yield very real, tangible rewards, as opposed to selling our precious time away to make someone up the corporate ladder wealthier while we get a couple crumbs on our next checks.
There is so much more to living, and the person who dies with the most money at the end of their life isn’t always the “richest”, we enrich ourselves by reaching that finish line doing what fulfills us and makes us and our communities better.

Listen to "Milestones" and the three previous singles below...

Life Force

01. Higher Standards
02. It’s Time
03. Spark of Dissent
04. Out Front
05. State of Control
06. Bed of Stone
07. Milestones
08. Elevate


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