The impact of the 924 Gilman scene on international pop culture continues to endure, and breakout records like Green Day's Dookie and Rancid's ...And Out Come the Wolves just get more classic with age. In 2019, Lavasocks' Alex Botkin (who's also on the fundraising board for Gilman St) aided Asian Man Records in their release of a Dookie tribute album, and now Lavasocks and Sell The Heart Records are putting out a tribute to ...And Out Come the Wolves, amazingly titled ...And Out Come the Lawsuits (pre-order here and here).

"In 2019, I helped release a 25th anniversary tribute to Green Day's Dookie, and it was such a blast we had to follow it up!" Alex said. "...And Out Come The Wolves has always felt like a pinnacle of the East Bay Sound, taking pride in the little things that make this place special. Many of the bands on this tribute grew up in the East Bay, and all of them have a love for the scene and the music, so it only made sense to funnel it into a tribute album that has everything and the kitchen sink. It was supposed to be released last year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album, but the 26th anniversary will have to do."

The comp will feature Worriers' previously released cover of "Old Friend," plus covers by a slew of other great punk and ska bands, including Flying Raccoon Suit, Omnigone, Matamoska, Get Married, Sarchasm, and more. It also includes a cover of "Junkie Man" by fellow ska-punk veterans Link 80, who semi-reunited just to record this track, which we're premiering in this post.

Link 80's Adam Davis (who also fronts Omnigone) tells us, "Originally, 'Junkie Man' was supposed to be recorded by my other band Gnarboots. Omnigone had already recorded 'Lock Step & Gone' during the recording session for No Faith. We were down in LA. For that show, Omnigone was comprised of three members of Link 80. I stayed up talking with Joey Bustos until sunrise. He told me about going to see Rancid with Matt Bettinelli-Olpin in Berkeley, how much that band had meant to them as kids. On the way home I called Joey at a gas station on the I-5, brought up the idea of recording the song as Link 80, with as many of the members as we could convince to do it. Joey, Barry Krippene & I recorded the drums, bass & guitar in Oakland, Steve Borth tracked sax in Denmark (shout out to Jer/Skatune Network for supplying trumpet & trombone), Matt & Ryan Noble finished off vocals in LA. Hearing Matt’s voice paired with Ryan’s is what really makes this track special. We’ll probably never play live again (unless...) but it was a lot of fun to work on this song together virtually. ATRC forever."

Link 80 do a ton of justice to the original, staying pretty faithful to the original, but giving it a little more ska flavor than Rancid's version. It's a great cover, as you can hear for yourself below.

Earlier this month, Lavasocks reissued the classic 1988 Lookout! Records comp The Thing That Ate Floyd, including the Operation Ivy rarity "Hangin' Out."

We also just interviewed Marc Wasserman about his upcoming book on the '80s American ska scene, Ska Boom! An American Ska & Reggae Oral History, including a chapter on Bay Area legends The Uptones, who were a huge influence on Rancid and whose members contributed to ...And Out Come the Wolves.


Maxwell Murder - Stay Wild
11th Hour - Little Debbie & The Crusaders
Roots Radicals - Get Married
Time Bomb - Flying Raccoon Suit
Olympia WA - Hammerbombs
Lock, Step & Gone - Omnigone
Junkie Man - Link 80
Listed MIA - Matamoska
Ruby Soho - Pretty Frankenstein
Daly City Train - Matt Moua
Journey to the End of the East Bay - Sarchasm
She’s Automatic - Vantana Row
Old Friend - Worriers
Disorder and Disarray - Public Safety
The Wars End - angelboy + the halos
You Don’t Care Nothin’ - school bus driver
As Wicked - Danger Inc.
Avenues & Alleyways - Adult School
The Way I Feel - Bad Idols



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