Louisiana's Inside Voices have just released a new EP, Liminal Space. Citing such influences as Delta Sleep, Title Fight, and Glocca Morra, they offer up a clean, smooth fusion of emo, math rock, and indie rock that I'd also add reminds me of Minus the Bear and A Great Big Pile of Leaves. On the track "Interjacent" (ft. Strawboy), there's a little jazz and trip-hop influence too.

"Liminal Space is our first release post-pandemic, and the tone of the EP reflects that," the band told Punknews. "This is also the first release written collaboratively with our second guitar player, Alex. In addition, the track “Interjacent” is the first time we have featured another artist on a track, a great friend of ours who makes music under the name Strawboy. We feel this EP is a fresh take on the many versions of Inside Voices that can exist, and we hope everyone enjoys!"

It's very cool stuff, and if you like any or all of the bands mentioned above, give this a listen below...

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