Good Sleepy are a relatively new, very promising emo band from Worcester, MA, and their upcoming sophomore album everysinglelittlebit really scratches all the classic itches that you want this genre to scratch. It's got the yearning, longing slow-burners, the noodly Midwest-style riffage, the throat-shredding hooks, the swing-for-the-fences choruses, the totally unfiltered passion - the works. The album is out today (5/21) via No Sleep (order yours) and you can stream it below. Similar to recent albums by Origami Angel, Ogbert the Nerd, and Good Sleepy's No Sleep labelmates Stay Inside, everysinglelittlebit really connects the dots between all the different types of emo that have existed from ~1994 until now, and if that kind of stuff tends to be up your alley, I recommend giving this a spin.

Listen, and read on for an essay by drummer/vocalist Thomas Sullivan about the album...


I think a big reason Good Sleepy has been so special to us three is that forming the band
at such a young age, the band has been growing up alongside us as a group and as individuals. It has been a wonderful powerful outlet for our summative experiences of angst and worries throughout high school and college, and it allows us to transform all the thoughts that otherwise would rot in our heads into something emotional, artistic, meaningful, and collective. It’s great to have that platform for expression and it’s something we would have a very hard time letting go of.

Seth and I released our first demo titled Rest Easy at the end of Summer 2018. We were like 16 at the time and had a passion for a style of music that people kinda hate. It was three songs recorded in my musty basement studio, located on a small mountain in central Massachusetts. The songs probably took less than a day to put together, but we were so unbelievably happy with the way they came out. It was a primitive form of our creative flow that has grown along with the band. We would come up with parts on our own times, and bring them together and work out our ideas to create something we both thought was a better idea of what we are going for. Writing songs has always been something that every member of Good Sleepy has poured their time and effort and emotion into. As a product of that we’ve learned a lot about each other, ourselves, and our music throughout the last two or three years, and it’s been such an unforgettable experience. To us, Good Sleepy means youthful energy, hard work, conflict, fellow-feeling, understanding, and expression.

Good Sleepy has been our child since we were children. It’s our baby and our future. It’s
never stopped blossoming but never stopped being fruitful. Our new LP, everysinglelittlebit, is an amalgamation of our pleasures and dreads over the last three years, putting em’ together and trying to find common themes about ourselves. It’s our first studio album, and we met some insanely talented and kind people along the way
(especially thank you so so much to Gary Cioni and Chris Freeman at Sound Acres Studios, they transformed this record and made it truly sound sick, and taught us so so much along the way). Writing this record was an unforgettable, truly meaningful experience to us that we are forever grateful for. We’ve bled, sweated, and cried writing this record. It is the most important release Good Sleepy will have. You should give it a listen. If not for any of this, then just cause these riffs really be bangin’.


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